Gary Weed and Producer Bobby join Mark Bland on this show regarding sexual assault and how it should be viewed.

Now they will get to that eventually, but first up is a discussion. All three of our hosts are in a Fantasy Football league together where Mark is 1-1, Bobby is 0-2 and Gary is 2-0. First up, Mark describes his issue with being in a fantasy league and trying to keep up with NFL Redzone TV while watching the games. Then the guys switch over to discuss players and names that are and are not allowed on the back of a NFL jersey.

Next we switch over to the news of the week and it’s not all good for Donald Trump, President of the USA. Poor Donald’s week started with Stormy Daniels outing his phallus size in the most unattractive way possible. She compared his “member” to that of TOAD from MARIO KART. Well this set the whole world on fire and the things people said are not pleasant.

Brett Kavanaugh is also having a problematic week. He disavows knowledge of a claim against him from High School. He has been accused of sexual assault by a woman that grew up with him. He claims it never happened, and she claims to want an FBI investigation, or else she won’t testify in front of the Senate during these confirmation hearings. But it’s not about a 30+ year old story… it’s about a potential Supreme Court Justice being a liar or not. He’s claiming it never happened, but what if it did?

Finally, back into some sports talk revolving about betting coming to sports nationally and if players can be “gotten to” regarding fixing games. Can they? What if the Atlanta Falcons were told to drop the Superbowl on purpose? How would that really go?


Gary Weed


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