Evidently it’s ‘Story Time’ in the world of The Q. And let’s be honest… October is the perfect time to tell spooky stories about people you need to be scared of. But what if they aren’t scary at all. What if the people you are discussing are not the monsters that people make them out to be? Well there are two sides to every story and Jonathan May and Gary Weed join to discuss.

Mark starts off discussing a recent issue he had where people went out of their way to make him look bad by taking things out of context. Mark and the guys discuss the manner in which these things happened and why they fall into the ‘story’ world more than anything legitimate in real life.

Next up Gary discusses a post he recently made to Facebook regarding people using EBT cards (welfare money) to buy things required when they also had cash money in their pocket and used it to buy other non-essential items. People attacked Gary for being insensitive and to look deeper – where Gary thinks that his point is well versed and deserves to be taken on its merits in comparison to the country and others moral/ideological stances. Jonathan and Mark sit back to decipher and get to the bottom of Gary’s stance and whether everyone chiding him is right or if in fact Gary makes the “nail in the coffin” argument that should dictate people’s thoughts.

Finally Mark discusses kids in 2018 and how they don’t have any patience anymore. How this is indicative of the TV/Movie industry today when all they do is make remakes of everything between 1985-2015. Also how this perpetual loop will eventually be lost on life and they might maintain this for decades and decades past our current times.


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