Mark knows the name of this episode is not gonna win him a lot of fans, but he’s gotta be honest about the music business.

Mark believes Radiohead sucks as a band. He feels they were shoved down people’s throats as a darling in the 1990s and they never looked back. And, as proof, Mark has Jason Kull to disagree with him and complain… but this all starts with Iron Maiden.

On this episode, Mark is joined by Gary Weed and Jason Kull to discuss Trump’s dumb decisions for the week. But the show starts off with a discussion about Jason wearing an Iron Maiden shirt and Mark claiming they suck. This leads to a discussion about groups that are the top heavy metal groups of all time.

Also, it seems that Mueller is getting close to Trump. Trump started lashing out on twitter all angrily at everyone and that seems to be his M.O. for when people are right or on his heels about something. But why is he angry?

Finally, Mark has some letters from the listeners and the crew answers some of the more interesting questions we’ve had on the show. Including: What is your favourite documentary?




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The Q – Radiohead sucks