It’s a tale of two Jasons on this episode of The Q. First up Jason Kull jumps back in, and Jason Patton returns to discuss the 2019 Government Shutdown that is continuing from last year.

First up the guys discuss the government shutdown and whether it’s necessary or not. Of course this is stemming from the President’s need to fund a border wall on the southern US border and it requires $5bn according to Trump. Mark shoots back with the fact that it’s never the Northern Border, which also is wall-less, that needs to be secured. And the reason for that is that Trump is tunnel visioned about people from Mexico, and attacking them as much as possible all of which he himself has done online through social media for years.

Then Jason Patton brings up whiskey and beer as an option to drink. But the convo turns towards bad beer and especially one that Jason tried that is supposed to taste of pine cone. A pine cone flavored beer sounds disgusting and Jason explains whether it is or not.

And finally, the story of the young man who was a wrestler and had to cut his dreads because the ref asked him to during a match in front of the entire crowd. Was the ref in the right or wrong? Mark and Jason Patton are both pro wrestlers with experience in competitive wrestling. And Mark knows the Missouri State Wrestling Guidelines say nothing about any rule about hair on the body of anyone. So the world has been chiming in and so do the two Jays and Marky B. But where do the guys stand… is this okay or a travesty?


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The Q – Shutdown 2019