This all started with a CNN reporter asking Donald Trump about information regarding a rumour about Russia and Trump Tower meetings. On that day, Trump called it FAKE NEWS and said CNN were liars. And from then on, everyone chastised CNN and liberal news sources as liars that always put out fake stories.

Cut to this past Sunday… Donald Trump goes on Twitter and tells everyone that the meeting did happen with Russia and his son was there, AND it was a meeting to get info on Hillary during the election. Well meeting with people to get dirt on the opponent is not illegal, but when you tell us CNN lies for 2 years and then you admit you actually lied and CNN was right… now we know you’re purposely swaying the information to your advantage. Which is total BS.

Mark is joined by Jonathan May and Gary Weed to discuss this new information and break down what it means for the country. But during the convo, a conversation from off air re-enters the room. And again it has racial implications. Mark feels that Jonathan and black culture is playing too much off things from the Civil War to justify actions in 2018. Jonathan claims that it is fair to do that. See where you stand at the end of this epic discussion!



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The Q – The Admission