Glenn Kage joins Mark Bland and Gary Weed to discuss UNIONS and their stance in the wake of the Janus decision by the Supreme Court of the US.

Glenn is a veteran of the Unions in the state of Missouri and currently the President of the Local UAW hall in Wentzville, MO. He also presides over 4,000 people – as well as thousands of other retired Union employees. Glenn discusses his career in the Union and with the auto industry, as well as his thoughts on the state of the union today.

This leads to a discussion about hobbies and things in peoples lives, when Mark – who’s been searching for a rant he had – hears that Glenn is into crossfit, which sends Mark off on a diatribe about crossfitters and their lifestyle and all of it (nothing personal to Glenn of course).

Eventually the original rant Mark had about Liberals helping each other out comes to the surface. Mark reached out to form some alliances and the response he heard was a telling sign of where the mindset of hardcore liberals and democrats are at. Take a listen and find out the results. Glenn then hits the famous Q Show Hot Seat to answer some questions and open up about himself a little more.


Glenn Kage


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The Q – The State of our Unions