Ahhh October. That Fall air is in and temps start to drop. But this year it’s even better because we have SCOTUS hearings and Presidential Alerts and all kinds of fun. So Producer Bobby and Gary Weed join for this episode of The Q to discuss all of it.

First up, Mark and the family cruised over to Six Flags for their first weekend of Fright Fest. The temps were great and Six Flags definitely has upped their game regarding this year’s Fright Fest. Five amazing haunted houses for the family to go through and even if you don’t grab the Haunted house pass (extra cost), they still have scare areas throughout the park for the kids (little and big) to enjoy. Gary and Bobby also chime in with their experiences plus some basic theme park discussion!

Onto the world of politics, where Brett Kavanaugh is up against it on the SCOTUS nomination. He was grilled for hours, along with Christine Blasey Ford regarding the sexual assault allegations brought against him. How is this boding for the judge? Well not as well as he thought it would, but that doesn’t mean he’s guilty. He’s just really emotional while discussing these things.

Then Mark breaks down how you know that Conservative media just fills their bases’ heads with BS based on the latest findings in the Charlottesville, Virginia protests from almost 2 years ago. The FBI arrested 4 white Nationalist/KKK members in association with creating mayhem and many other charges. But how does that prove conservative media is biased and mostly wrong all the time. Well, listen to Mark break down his logic and explain. Also Mark discusses the Presidential Text Alert and the guys give Trump some much deserved credit.

Finally, Producer Bobby explains that he kinda agrees with Trump’s moves now and this brings us to how the SCOTUS nomination is important and how it’ll shape the future. So we decided to bring up the Supreme Court’s most recent decisions over the past couple of years and discuss here. Does Bobby lean conservative or does he stay moderate/liberal? Listen in and figure out what you agree with the court on and what you don’t.




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