Every single show has something we can discuss about Trump. And it’s never good stuff either. Well this might be the show where the beginning of the undoing of Trump started.

Michael Cohen, the former Trump “fixer”, has been in the heat lately and it’s only showcasing why Trump wants distance. Companies are coming forward and explaining that Mike offered access and favors from a Trump presidency in exchange for money. A lot of money. If this is true, Trump is in the hot seat. There is no other presidency Michael Cohen could have done this on behalf of other than Trump. Plus the companies have stated it was for favors with Trump. Jason Kull and Jonathan May discuss this all with Mark.

And finally… Mark has been listening to shows and researching about the Intellectual Dark Web that he has been accused of being a part of. Mark realized something important and by the end of the show, that becomes glaringly clear to everyone!



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