Black people find themselves living in a system that was never intended for them. Has this led to black people retaliating by not participating in the system with the same vigour as others… or is the idea of black laziness absolute rubbish? And as always, #TheWorstGuysCypher.




The Worst Guys – Are Black People Lazy?

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  • ian_stagib

    so you guys say that because of your culture you should be placed into roles that would suit your work ethic in order to not be seen as lazy? I disagree. It’s making the assumption that europeans enjoy the grind that sense of urgency to work they way you say they do. I would put money down on the idea that no, we don’t like it. We do it because we know that’s how the game works and that succeeding in the world is a matter of efficiency and adding value. White people don’t have a choice but we work the way we do because it’s the only way to not end up on the streets ourselves. There are lazy people in all cultures, so i’m not saying black people are inherently lazy and white aren’t. I’m arguing that the idea that just because you’d like the world to work a certain way doesn’t mean you should be treated like a special snowflake. If you have an idea of how to change the game so that a spirit of ubuntu could actually bring about economic growth and prosperity I’d be all for that but you’re not trying to battle a South African economic idea but a global one and you can’t live like an island if you think you want to grow. Don’t hate the player, hate the game. Can’t change the game, then learn to play the game better.

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