With the continued student protests, the guys speak about police intervention in our society. The police are meant to make us feel safe, yet many would disagree that this is the outcome of their presence. When it comes to social unrest, they more often than not tend to escalate the situation rather than calm it down and bring peace. Police are supposed to be the people we trust, but we often feel uncomfortable in their presence, even in our day to day lives. It’s a riot in studio as special guest Luthuli Dlamini gives his views on the #FeesMustFall protests and police intervention. Above and beyond that, they speak about the current influence of the youth in our society. TUT hosts a talent contest to prove that as the youth, we have so much to offer other than civil unrest. Hear it from our youths in studio – Mr P who hosts the Mr & Miss TUT, as well as Brenda who is a current student at the university.




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The Worst Guys – How Youth Influence the Future