Jaco chats to Jarryd Irvine from Infinitude about how a coach can help you focus on the transformation, rather than the t-shirt. A conversation about cadence, no limits, conditioning, technique and quality programming – while keeping you honest about your goals. Fast before far is also a thing. If you have ever considered tweaking your tri discipline routine, need assistance with overcoming limitations in endurance sport, or looking for guidance mentally to crash the barrier wall – listen to this podcast for a ‘new you’ fitness resolution! Brought to you by Catalytic.

Tel #: 072 850 9567 (Jarryd) / 082 959 6876 (Louise)

Email: [email protected] / [email protected]

Website address: www.infinitudecoaching.com

Twitter handle: @jvirvine / @InfinitudeCoach

Instagram: @coach_jarryd / @InfinitudeCoaching

Facebook: @coachjarryd / @infinitudecoaching


Unbundled #BOOST: Infinitude



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Unbundled #BOOST: Infinitude