Some strange things happened during lockdown. Previously competitors in the neat freak organisation space, but now best friends with a joint business venture – Jaco Voigt chats to Megan and Kasia from MK Method. MK Method grew from cardboard boxes as demo storage examples, to a niche high-end service of tweaking the homes and offices of busy folk. They make pretty magic by elevating habits and routine with space formation, great design and beautiful products. This force of female fabulousness has seen the start of national franchising, introduction of interior design, a KykNet reality feature, and designing their own product range. You can never be too organised – and sometimes it’s time to just call in the professionals! Brought to you by Catalytic.

Tel #: 082 455 0766 & 076 313 5487

Email: [email protected]

Website address:

Here is our Instagram handle: @mkmethod

Facebook: MK Method Organisers


Unbundled #BOOST: MK Method



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Unbundled #BOOST: MK Method