A Different Ball Game – 23.06.20:

MKT tells you why VAR should be scrapped in Football. Woude discusses the state of rugby as a whole currently. Cancer survivor and Olympic Silver Medalist Lawrence Brittain tells us about the brutal cost it takes to be the best.

– Why VAR has to go in Football (1:41)

– What is the state of world rugby? (08:01)

– Lawrence Brittain (17:07)




Bin VAR - Is Rugby a shambles? - Lawrence Brittain


VAR – Rugby – Lawrence Brittain

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  • Jan-Andries Smith

    Deer Jesus (en ek bedoel takbokgod), this literally made me want to puke. Nothing wrong with the content that I can put my finger on, just the general opinion on rugby. How can Siya be your sports person… Without expletives, he would do better licking my…….dogs bolllocks

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