If you thought you had it tough with traffic this morning, you may want to spare a thought for half the population of China that got stuck in the worst traffic jam ever known to mankind.


151008 unnews china traffic

Unbelievable aerial footage was captured of this road, one of China’s busiest and widest highways, as Chinese motorists tried to get back to Beijing.


151008 traffic unnews china

Fifty lanes were chopped down to 20 and hundreds of thousands of Beijing residents were gridlocked for hours.


151008 traffic china unnews

The reason for so many people on the road at one time was down to the Chinese National Day celebrations known as ‘Golden Week’. Tourism booms but people all return at the same time.


151008 china traffic unnews

It is estimated some 750 million Chinese people, literally half the population, were on the move that week.


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Chock-a-Block China