It’s another one of those videos you WILL watch more than once!

A takeaway store worker had more important things on his mind than the gun-toting would-be robber who tried to hold him up.

Footage released by New Zealand Police shows the masked robber walk into the takeaway shop before plonking his bag down on the counter and pulling out what appears to be a black gun.

The employee is completely unfazed and appears to laugh as he calmly wraps up a takeaway souvlaki in a brown bag.

The robber is then pushed to the side as an equally calm customer walks to the counter to pick up his order.

He brushes past the masked man to collect the souvlaki, barely giving him a second look before he walks out of the shop with his dinner.

The employee nonchalantly walks back to the kitchen and the bemused robber pauses for a second to weigh up his options, before leaving the store empty-handed.


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Hold-up! Hold on…