What a great story of determination and dedication out of Texas in the USA!

As midwife Cathy Allen Rude looked at the flooded street outside her house earlier this week, she thought the baby probably wouldn’t wait for the roads to clear.

A mom-to-be had just started early labour, but heavy rains in the Houston area had caused the street outside her home to flood. Rude only needed to travel a short distance to the clinic, but she couldn’t wade through the street carrying all the equipment she needed.

The expectant mom planned to have a friend kayak Rude to the clinic, but that fell through. After reaching the end of Rude’s street, the pregnant mom noticed a neighbour floating by on an inflatable swan.

“‘How about giving my midwife a ride on your swan to come deliver my baby?’” she yelled.

The result – a healthy baby boy delivered that night.

Read the whole story here.


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Why Swim when you can Swan?