Landon Meier of Hyperflesh is a master when it comes to making masks of famous people and well-known television characters.

He is best known for his creepy baby masks, but it’s his most recent frightening creation that has gotten the world freaked out.

His latest scary creation comes in the form of Donald Trump and it looks exactly like the real thing!


160502 unnews terryfying trump


Meier debuted the Trump mask, along with creations of Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton, at the horror convention Monsterpalooza, held at the Pasadena Convention Centre in April 2016.

“I try to pick topical stuff and right now, with the political atmosphere, everyone is so polarised and angry.  So I thought it would be fun to lampoon each one of them.  I made Bernie the sexy socialist hippie, made Trump a white trash dude and made Hillary a… I don’t know… a male dominatrix, I guess.” – Landon Meier


160502 trump terrifying unnews


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Terrifyingly Trump-Like