We’ve all rescued a bug or two from certain death when we see them struggling in water, but how many of us actually get a “thank you”?

Well, one man was lucky enough to not only get a message of gratitude from the bumblebee that he rescued, but he even managed to capture it on film creating a viral sensation.



Dylan Jermaine Trayez uploaded the adorable video to his Facebook page with the message: “Just saved this bumblebee from a bucket of water in my greenhouse, and put him on my sunflower to dry out.

“He was very appreciative.”

In the clip, the bee can be seen clinging onto the flower with one arm while raising another in apparent recognition for Dylan’s heroics.

A delighted Dylan can be heard saying: “Yeah! What’s up mister bumblebee?

“Hey bro. Yeah! You’re the man! Yeah What’s up?”

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We can’t (Bee)lieve it!