Welcome to #WealthMovement 2015 – bringing together leading local and global entrepreneurs and investors for knowledge sharing and debate on 8 & 9 October 2015 at The Campus at The Forum in Johannesburg

This two-day affair will include debates, discussions and multiple practical sessions to give you some insight into the mindsets of successful experts including New York Times bestselling author & futurist Roget Hamilton, real estate professor Dr. Dolf De Roos who’s worked with the likes of Donald Trump and Worldwide Who’s Who top entrepreneur for 2015 Hilda Lunderstedt to name a few.




Wealth Movement 2015 presents a platform for current investors and people looking to invest to come together and discover the opportunities that are available in terms of real estate investments globally. This event is bigger than a real estate or wealth conference, it is not a motivational event, coaching or a sell-the-thon, it is the launch of a movement. This event will shape destinies and change the course of people’s lives. We aim to showcase new thinking, as the thinking that created the problems that we face today cannot be the same as the thinking required to solve these problems.We want to empower people, share with them and co-create the solutions, not only for themselves, but for our continent and the planet. There is no place on the planet that needs it more than Africa, a continent with so much pent up opportunity and so many hundreds of millions of desperate people searching for solutions. Whether it is an individual looking to create $1, or a high net worth individual who is trying to preserve their wealth by investing in first world assets and incomes. When people are afforded the opportunity to create and preserve wealth they are given the opportunity to live life unlimited.



Most importantly this is not a bunch of keynotes or sales pitches. The best in South Africa and and the rest of the world will be coming together to debate and shares their mistakes, successes and most importantly lessons as to how they have done it.

Empower yourself and come to the Wealth Movement – 8th & 9th of Oct, JHB to find the answers you have been looking for. Co-create the future you want, take control of your future! Don’t miss out on this exciting event! Find out more about it and book your tickets here: www.wealthmovement.co.za

Scott Picken – #WealthMovement

Gareth and the team get to know one of South Africa’s leading global investors and authors, Scott Picken, ahead of his talk at the #WealthMovement 2015. As a successful real estate investor he chats about where one should be investing their money, being a global citizen and keeping an eye out for exciting developmental trends.